Privacy Policy

Best Online Casinos NL Website Privacy Policy

1. Privacy protection.

Protection of BestOnlineCasinosnl visitors’ privacy is a very important task for us. This is why we provide within our Privacy Policy the description of the information we collect and the way we use it.

2. Consent.

Using BestOnlineCasinosnl information and services, you agree to our Privacy Policy, as well as the terms and conditions we included into it.

3. Questions.

If you need more information or have any questions on BestOnlineCasinosnl Privacy Policy and BestOnlineCasinosnl in particular, please, contact us via email: [email protected]

4. Visitor behavior tracking.

BestOnlineCasinosnl uses various methods to track who visits the website, in what way the visitor behaves here, and which pages are visited. This procedure is widely used by websites, since it helps gain the information facilitating high quality of interaction with the user. The data we register with the help of cookies includes IP-addresses, a browser type, and pages visited.

We also track from where visitors open the website for the first time and from what page they leave. We keep this information anonymously and it is irrelevant with any other personal data or information websites contain.

5. Cookie use.

BestOnlineCasinosnl puts cookies for visitors. We do it to find out which pages of our website are visited, to track how often visitors come back, and to see which pages are the most appropriate for the website. We also track what information is transferred by a browser.

6. Cookie turning off.

You can turn off cookies by using your browser parameters. More information on these parameters can be found on the website of your browser supplier.

7. Third-party cookies.

Third parties, like Google, place advertisements on our website or we use some other service. In some cases, the third parties put cookies for that purpose. BestOnlineCasinosnl can do nothing with those cookies.

8. Our advertisers.

Some third parties place their advertisement on BestOnlineCasinosnl and all of them place their own cookies.

The advertisers use special techniques for their ads and links inside the ads your browser identifies directly. In particular, they use automated identification of IP-addresses that are sent directly to the advertiser.

Besides, cookies, javascript, and, perhaps, web beacons are used to track the effectiveness of the campaigns the third parties perform. BestOnlineCasinosnl can do nothing with the cookies, javascript, and web beacons our advertisers use and cannot control them.

All these advertisers have their own privacy policy they use for their websites and related services. More information on the way the third parties treat privacy is provided on their websites.

9. Advertiser/third party privacy policy.

To learn more about privacy policy of our advertisers and the third parties connected with the website, please, visit their websites. BestOnlineCasinosnl can do nothing with the cookies, as well as privacy policy of the cookies put by the third parties. Those cookies are out of BestOnlineCasinosnl privacy policy framework.

10. Google’s DART cookie.

Due to the use of the DART cookie by Google it is possible to display advertisement on our website. Moreover, this cookie is used for displaying advertisement on other websites. You can reject using DART cookies.