Stay Cheerful while Playing at Online Casinos

For most people, online gambling is what it really should be: an engaging way of spending spare time. But for some of them gambling in the Internet turns out to be a problem.

Most of our visitors, friends, and acquaintances will never have troubles with that. Though, responsible playing relates not only to those who have problems with gambling or are more prone to the risk of their arising. This is the best approach for everyone.

On all of our websites, we strive to help our clients entertain recommending and advertising gambling operators that promote safe and responsible online gambling. Moreover, we provide information and recommendations for those who aren’t able to control their gambling process.

Some licensed websites in Netherlands provide assistance with the help of the following functions:

  • Reality check setting. Prompts and timeouts will help you manage the time during which you gamble online.
  • Deposit limit setting. You can set limits for the periods varying from day-to-day to month-to-month. The limits can be decreased, increased or totally deleted.
  • Gambling history review. In order you could track your activity, you will get access to the history of your transactions, deposits, and withdrawals.
  • Making a pause. You can set the interval from 24 hours to 6 weeks.
  • Self-exclusion. You have a possibility to fully exclude yourself and stop playing. Self-exclusion can be applied for the period of 6 months to 5 years.
  • Autoplay management functions. If you want to play using the autoplay function, you will have to choose bet and loss limits beforehand. If you wish, you can even suspend the game after having won a jackpot, in order to lose neither of your winnings.

The opportunities provided in Netherlands are limitless. There are even private clinics where quite expensive treatment is offered. Below you will find three options reviewed: treatment with the help of self-care in AGOG, online treatment in Gokken De Baas, and curing in private clinics.

AGOG Self-Help Groups

This is an organization with self-helps groups throughout Netherlands. Every week you will meet other people who have addiction to gambling, in order to work on it. The groups are different and each of them is in its recovery phase. Thus, new participants can come when there are people who are already in the process of recovery. The price is very low. The group members just make a small payment for a meeting place.

The method is based on the AA and Gamblers Anonymous techniques. These methods are known as very successful. A specific feature of AGOG is that it doesn’t correlate with any Christian religion, so it is suitable for a wider target group. If you are more into Christian point of view, there are corresponding groups in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. AGOG works throughout Netherlands. Now it is present in the following cities: Alkmaar, Almere, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda, the Hague, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Haarlem, Kerkrade, Nijmegen, Oss, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Zwolle.

AGOG is an abbreviation of Gamblers Anonymous Environment. Since people who are around often suffer from a person addicted to gambling (frauds, debts), special meetings are also organized to help them. It helps more likely achieve recovery of a gambling addicted and his/her close people.

AGOG website

Call the following number directly: 0900-2177721 (EUR 0.10 per minute).

Online Help Gambling De Baas

This is a program where you can get help online. The aim is to better understand challenging behavior connected with gambling. For this purpose, the so-called logbook is kept, in particular. Later everything is discussed with your online expert.

go to Gokken De Baas website

Private Clinics

Though, there are some good private clinics for sure in the country, you should understand that they have commercial character. Sometimes it can result in unreliable recommendations and bad treatment. In any case, high price of the treatment is an obvious thing. Sometimes it can be tens of thousands in euros per several weeks. It is a good starting point to wish all the best for your dear person or for yourself, but the research shows that the groups similar to AGOG working with 12-step plans are the most successful. Please remember it while making a decision.

Never be afraid or ashamed of asking for help.

Some practical steps that will help you control the situation:

  • Ask someone you trust to control your money during a certain period (e. g., 3 months). If this is not the case, ask someone to help you with making a budget plan.
  • Set the limits on the size of your deposits and costs or time you spend in the Internet. The gambling websites we recommend provide special functions that give you an opportunity to set your own cost limits.
  • Reward yourself for the ‘free game’ periods buying something for yourself or your family for the money you saved.
  • If nothing helps, stop playing. Exclude yourself from all the websites where you usually make bets or play. Do it in case if you consider self-exclusion to be the best variant for you.

You can also contact the international organization called Be Gamble Aware!

You will find their website here

As you can see, if a person believes he or she has some problems with gambling, then he/she should look for help. And the most important thing here is that he/she will find it. The person won’t stay with this problem face to face. He/she won’t have to cope with all this alone. This person can count on help from any organization we described above. Gamble wisely! Get a kick out of gambling. Gamble only at the best online casinos checked by Nl and don’t try to make it your job or life purpose!